Cross Tattoos That Men Want to Check Out

Published: 31st January 2011
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Most men nowadays surely love to ink their body with various designs. Among those are the cross tattoos that are becoming more popular these days. When you opt for a permanent one, make sure that it matches your feelings, personality and beliefs in life. It is not something that you could just erase easily so choose a tattoo design that you can wear forever. The truth is most girls really find guys with tattoo sexy because having one makes them appear tougher and really manly so that could be a bonus points if you are trying to capture someone's attention.

When it comes to cross tattoos, there are a lot of choices that you can pick depending on your preference. Your choice has to reflect what you believe in as well as the character that you have. The cross represents faith to numerous spiritual groups and religious sectors. There are actually for classifications of men's cross tattoos and these are the Christian or Catholic,Celtic, Cross Moline and Gothic. Later on, I will be discussing them briefly one by one.

The Catholic design symbolizes faith so if you want something to represent your identity and faith, then this particular design of cross tattoo is right for you. The wearer can express his devotion to God with this kind of design. The Celtic design represents more of a person's heritage. For some, this is equivalent to ethnicity. It can also be a symbol of nature and life. The Cross Moline originated from the English people when knights and fair maidens as well as tournaments were still present. The design used was for identification purposes because they covered their faces with masks. Lastly, the Gothic design symbolizes pain and suffering. For the others, it could also mean darkness. If you feel alone and the world is totally against you, then this one may be the perfect choice for you. This could mean that you are not afraid to live your life on your own and on the darker side.

If you are thinking of getting a cross tattoo, then you better think carefully because this could permanently scar you. There are different designs that are made available for you so you can choose one that suits your personality and beliefs well. Because of the popularity of cross tattoos, more men are getting one inked in different parts of their body. It is very important that you first do some research on what every design of the cross means so that you can be sure of what you are putting on your body.


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